This event will be held in the BSM-UPF building, Balmes, 132-134, 08008 Barcelona

Version 09 November 2017 | Download PDF version

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Multipurpose room (6th floor)

14:30 Registration starts

15:00 Formal Welcome and Opening: Françoise DE VIRON, President of eucen

15:15 Introduction: Tamer ATABARUT, eucen Steering Committee

15:30 Keynote: “Financial Sustainability for the Future of Continuing Education:  Key Strategies and Solutions” – Diana WU, Dean, University of California Berkeley Extension (US). Profile. Summary. Presentation.

16:30 Dialogue between researcher and practitioner “New Challanges for sustainability in University Life Long Learning“:

Carmen PEREZ-ESPARRELLS, Associate Professor in Applied Economics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (ES). Profile. Presentation.

Beate HOERR, Director, Continuing Education Centre, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (DE). Profile.

Social programme

20:30 Optional Seminar Dinner at the restaurant Merendero de la Mari.
Follow this link to read more about it. Booking and payment in advance is mandatory.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Multipurpose room (6th floor)

09:00 Registration

09:30 Presentation of the day: Tamer ATABARUT, eucen Steering Committee

09:45 Poster session

A model for balancing social and financial aspects. Tamer ATABARUT. Bogazici University (TR). Presentation.

Strategic cooperation to improve unemployment rates and to find new funding sources for HEIs. Carme ROYO. eucen (ES). Presentation.

Digital community and innovation in adult education and basic skills: Return on Investment vs. Return on Expectations in an Erasmus+ project”. Sandrine BONNET. Université de Lille – Service Formation Continue (FR). Presentation.

Balancing financial sustainability with the mission of Life Long Learninf in the Open University of University of Jyväskylä”. Mirva HUOVINEN. University of Jyväskylä (FI). Presentation.

10:15 Keynote: “The finances of the  transforming ULLL in a changing market. The Case of Finland” – Jukka MÄKINEN, Development Director, University of Tampere (FI). Profile. Summary. Presentation.

Terrace (6th floor)

11:00 Coffee break

Multipurpose room (6th floor) and Room 406 (4th floor)

11:30 Brainstorming in sub-groups

Gran Hotel Catalonia, ground floor

13:00 Lunch

Multipurpose room (6th floor) and Room 406 (4th floor)

14:30 Learning Café (1): in-depth presentations

Strand 1 “Financial models of ULLL/UCE centres using different sources of funding” – Josep L LARRIBA-PEY, Director, DAMA-Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Profile.

Strand 2 “Design of flagship programs as shared development of services” – Jukka MÄKINEN, Development Director, University of Tampere (FI). Profile. Summary.

Terrace (6th floor)

16:00 Coffee break

Multipurpose room (6th floor) and Room 406 (4th floor)

16:30 Learning Café (2): in-depth presentations

Strand 3 “Making sense of ROI calculations in a training environment” – Frank EDWARDS, Director, Pearson Workforce Development. Profile. Summary. Presentation.

Strand 4 “Balancing Financial Sustainability with the institutions’ Social Mission” – Raffaela KIHRER, Policy Officer, European association for the education of adults EAEA. Profile. Summary. Presentation.

Multipurpose room (6th floor)

18:00 Closing with Françoise DE VIRON and Tamer ATABARUT



Tamer ATABARUT, eucen. Bogaziçi University (TR)

Kari SEPPALA, Vice-President of eucen. University of Turku (FI)


Carme ROYO and Laura COROMINA, eucen Secretariat

Ece GOKAKIN KURTULDUK, Bogaziçi University (TR)